!x!OuR PlaYbOy HuNnIes!x!

- AbOuT ThE TrOoPz -

Claire *P*

Well Claire *P* is me, ave just turned 16 :D n ah stay in ah field in the middle ah nowhere. A used to go to Park Mains High in Erskine but ah left at christmas to find sum inspiration in ah career, i am however stull waiting on that inspiration as my employment status is FULL TIME BUM! But Anyways lets move on. I get called pricey off ah most ppl well cos erm ah charge to much for ah gd ride........ i ritee!! nah its cos ah mah surname price (see the resembelence :-D)Am ah really nice friendly person depsite wot ah few cunts myt say (fuck yees :-p)Mah material status (that means love life) is doin very well cos am loved up with ah very handsome young man named brian crossan (dnt ask wot his middle name is lol) 1, 2, 3 awwwwwwww.

Charlene *E*

Now where do ah start wae this crazy fucka!! Charlene E is mah big sexy cusin n also one eh mah betstest buds. She used to be one eh the troublesome pupils at Govan High untill she got papped oot, for experimenting wae a bunsen burner(lol). Eastybeasty is her nickname given tae her by her Ex Gopher fae Springburn!!Who Charlene stull loves to bits. Charlene's normally oot stootin aboot the winey or on the more calmer ah weekends sittin in gettin ah drink with her mucka Kayla (hey there dawly ;-)) She's sum laugh and always gets the party started. Love Yi Lots!!

Pamela *A*

Pamela *A* is one a my bestest buds who a love to bits n pieces. If yi ever see me out n about you'll always find me with this burdie (joint at the hip ya see.) Whenever am feeling low Pammy's always there to put a smile on ma face ah dont know if its cos eh they faces she pulls or if its her gomy hands (lol). Pam has the grooviest surname out (anderson)shes always gettin slagged for it and the weird thing is she does huv the blonde hair, the blue eyes and the big tits!. Pamelas quite ah classy burd n is into her cars ah think thats her dads fault! so if yi have ah nice brief then dont hesitate to get in contact with this sexy thang!!

*Ailsa *W*

Now where do a start on ma bessie bud Ailsa. Well she is the happy, cheeri, bubbly one out us all who never ever has a gloom face. Ailsa hits out with the funniest things n doesney even mean it, Member the Domestic cleaners ailsa (lol) yi gotta love ma wee chicken. Ailsa Bop (as me n pammy call her) is also my wee gym buddie. We're determined tae get a babywatch bodie by summer, summer of 2006 that is! Ailsa just turned 15 but although shes the wee baby eh the group she seems to know an awful lot about SEX!! nah kidden on she seems to know alot about the male species so wenever we have our b*f probs we turn to this burdie for advice, dunno wot ah do with out her. MWAHHHH!! br>

*Becky *H*

This Wee Burdie is another one of mah bestest buds. Becky always seems to be drinkin at weeekends, but its her big bro andew that drives her to the drink just incase u think she has alchol problems :-D. Becky is funny as fuc*k when she drinks and is a necessary member for the weekend "TOUCH MY TOES" (lol) Just like myself she is boy daft.... miby thats why we're never last more than 2 days in a realtionship (ok slight lie there) :-D. My wee shexy bex tends tae phone me every nite n alot a ppl mite not belive this but me n her have very mature conversations, shes always there for me and a just dont know what ad do with out her and the bt free phone calls after 6! Luv Yi Loads Bex!! .

Zehra *B*

Zehra is another bestest friend of mine who i rather admirer! This fiesty burd doesnt take no shite off nobudy and is soon to put sumone in there place if there talkin one load ah shite. Z is ded mature for her age n yi (like all mah other pals) can talk to her about anythin n everythin. But If yees are thinkin oh that Zehras quite sexy then am afraid yer gonna be waiting ah long time affore u get ah date as she is currently seeing the very luvly Kev Mglinchy (dingy the spelling its ah complicated surname) fae hillinton. awwwwwww :-P.

Natalie *S*

Vizzavi, as we all like tae call her, is one eh ma closet pals! She stays up in Erskine where you'll probs see me out n about. Vizzavi has a rather stunnin big brother called Darren who unfortantly has a burd so enough said boot him! Natalie is the height a shite but still hands out the banta. Natalie's always there to gee out the compliments to make yer head exapand, we all love her for it. This wee burd is a stunner n a half (theres a pic eh her on my site the now but its a bit old ... sorry)Natz was mah Bessie bud in school and you'd always fine me n her stootin about chattin up the boyz. But seeings how natalie got papped out n ah left, they school days are now over :-( (tear). It's all cool but cos we stull get to see eachother well wen shes no oot flirting with the boyz that is :-P

Karen *T*

The lovly karen t is another one a ma shexy wee buds. She used to be ded shy n quiet in school but shes quite the entertainer these days. Karens never got ah bad word to say about anybudy n is one eh the easiest ppl to get along with cos shes no cheeky :-P.Me n Karen are gonna do ah beauty course is reid kerr in august ah think so look out for us ;-) Oh n by the way shes not single either as shes currently goin with her brian fae pollok (brians quite ah common name these days innit)

If You Want To Get In Touch With Any EH Ma Muckers Cos They Sound No Hawf Bad Or Yi Think Their Stunnin Cos You've Already Seen Their Pic, Then Just Gee Me A Bell & Al Get Yi Sorted


~o0o~Claire Price Lvs Brian Crossan ~o0o~